GGB DC- Happy (Early) Birthday Harry Potter

GGB DC- Happy (Early) Birthday Harry Potter

When looking through our calendars, we noticed a very important day in geekdom was approaching. The boy who lived, Harry Potter, was born on July 31st and though we knew we wouldn’t be able to have a party on his actual birthday, we knew we just had to celebrate!

For brunch we wanted somewhere we could combine the two (food and reading) easily, so we decided on Kramerbooks!


Kramer combines exactly what we needed and then adds a little more to it just to make it more magical. When you walk in it appears to be a small, local book store right out of a movie. The shelves are lined floor to ceiling with any and every kind of book you could possibly want. Brunchettes spent time meandering the shelves looking at graphic novels, children’s books, self help books, and many more while we waited for our table.
GGBDC HP 002The adorable café can be found towards the back of the store. You’re first greeted by a display case of cakes, and who doesn’t want to be greeted by pastry?! There are tables all over the back of the building and even some in a secluded area upstairs where we held our birthday party!

The popular choice this brunch was GGBDC HP 011definitely the strawberry mimosas. Our server, a Harry Potter fan herself, was able to recommend a number of her favorites for us to chow down on. It seemed crab was a popular choice this brunch as a number of crab stuffed omelets went out along with duck hash and even fried soft shell crabs.

Once again Officer Sam pulled out all the stops as our resident crafty lady and presented our brunchettes with some amazing homemade presents. Each brunchette was given a Hogwarts house tie, along with their very own wand! Brunchettes were excited to don their ties and proudly represent their Hogwarts house (Hufflepuff for the win, by the way)! In addition, we had two birthday girls who were given Harry Potter earrings and bracelets, repectively.


As usual, fashion did not disappoint at this brunch! Though we didn’t have anyone in a full Hogwarts uniform, we had those who came pretty close!


(Brunchette, Shelby, in her Hogwarts inspired coord)

Everything from house swag to remembering our four favorite trouble makers the Marauders was somewhere present on each brunchette. It was wonderful to see all the houses represented and sitting together, enjoying a lovely Saturday brunch.

During brunch, some of the brunchettes mentioned that the apartment used for Steve Rogers’ (Captain American) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier was right down the street from Kramers. It seemed like the logical place for a Geek Girl group photo, so without question, we headed down the street and were able to walk right up to the front door!

In addition to our quick rendezvous to Steve’s place, some brunchettes decided that all the excitement required one last little snack so we visited the Krispy Kream Doughnuts shop right at the exit. All in all, it was a rather magical experience!



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