GGB St. Louis Metro-Launch Marvel Mayhem!

GGB St. Louis Metro-Launch Marvel Mayhem!

Whats up Brunchettes! The St. Louis Metro Chapter had our first brunch on June 14, 2015!


It was small but fierce as a lot of the brunchettes were out of town or busy. But we still had a blast chit chatting over many geeky topics including Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Games, and much more!


The venue that served us was the delicious Bella Milano in O’Fallon.


And they had so many yummy dishes to choose from like this super nommy mushroom feta angel hair pasta!


The swag was made with love from two of the officers; Casey who made the super cool Marvel Villain decals and Amber who made the cute Loki perler bead hair bows!

Stay tuned for our next brunch next month July 19th! The theme will be Pixel This in honor of the Pixels Movie coming out. Get ready for some retro arcade gaming!!!

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