GGB Fresno – Heroes and Villains Brunch and Chapter Launch

GGB Fresno – Heroes and Villains Brunch and Chapter Launch
Hello from Fresno (and the small towns of the Central Valley)

Full disclosure: Julie and I do not actually live in Fresno and therefore are not overly familiar with it (no doubt that will change).  We live about 40 minutes south in a town called Lemoore.  Known for it’s cows, cotton, and corn, Lemoore isn’t exactly a hub for fandoms and the like.  Fresno is the largest city near us and has some creative development centralized in what is known as the Tower District.  It was the obvious choice for our new chapter.  As it happened, the Heroes & Villains Comic Crawl was scheduled at the end of the month so we ambitiously decided it would be our launch date.  Our first brunch was more of a soft opening, if you will. 

Geek Girl Brunch Lite*: We are tiny but we are mighty


Deep in Downtown Fresno there is a hidden gem called Peeve’s Public House & Local Market.  It is an American-style public house that serves farm to table meals.  The ingredients may vary daily and the menu is sure to change each month.  They also have an impressive rotation of taps, live music after dark, and brunch on the weekends. 

Our party consisted of myself, my co-pilot, Julie, and a dear friend and member, Rachel.  As the impending crawl was an evening event, our first “brunch” was an early dinner.  We tried their Sweet and Smokey Chicken salad and the Ratatouille pizzeta.  They truly were divine.   

The Comic Crawl: Heroes and Villains

Not only was this our first GGB, this was our first Comic Crawl so we were not sure what to expect.  Our primary mission was to network and hopefully recruit some fellow Geek Girls for our chapter.  At first there were no traces of geeks in uniform but once we found the parking lot, we spotted our people.  There was an impressive array of costumes, some of which clearly not meant for the 90+ degree heat.   Our group was gender bending with a Lady Clark Kent, Lady Mal Reynolds, and Lady Loki (the only of her kind).  We fit right in. 

We were divided into many groups to lessen the volume of crawlers into the bars.  From there we marched on, spending about thirty minutes at each business.  Eventually, everyone split up, inundating the streets of Tower District with cosplayers. We met loads of people, added a few more ladies to our chapter, and familiarized ourselves with what the area has to offer.  While I will concede to a bit of responsible overindulgence, Fresno Chapter’s first Geek Girl Brunch proved successful.

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