GGB Dallas- Favorite Fandom Brunch

GGB Dallas- Favorite Fandom Brunch

The Dallas chapter launched on June 7th with an amazing outcome of supportive ladies. We chose an awesome location for our brunch at The Via Real Restaurant, where we were able to book a private room giving us the best environment to chat and get to know one another. The staff was so attentive and polite to all of our brunchettes, providing endless mimosas and poinsettias.

The menu had a wonderful selection for both breakfast and lunch options, providing a little something for everyone! They had a meat station, dessert station, and even a chocolate fountain for dipping, yum!


For our launch we decided to choose a theme that would allow each of our brunchettes to show case their favorite fandom! We had geeks come dressed in cosplay, their favorite tees, and even some awesome homemade fan work!



Our next brunch will be on July 19th and will be Game of Thrones themed in honor of the season 5 finale. Check out our Facebook Page for more details about location and how to purchase tickets for the event! Until next time, stay Geeky my friend!

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