GGB Chicago – This ’90s Brunch is “All That”

GGB Chicago – This ’90s Brunch is “All That”

Hey, all you lovely brunchettes! Geek Girl Brunch Chicago here.  We just had our first brunch, and it couldn’t have been more successful!

Our Theme


What better theme for a brunch than the nostalgic ’90s? We wanted to step outside of the fandom box for a bit and pay tribute to an era that was very near and dear to us.

As you can see, our attendees (24 in all) tore apart the pencil boxes stuffed with little toys and knickknacks that called back to our playground days.

Our Venue



Geek Bar Beta is located in one of the fastest growing, “up and coming” neighborhoods of Chicago – Wicker Park.  Their menu is unique. From Arrested Development to Game of Thrones, there’s a dish for every fandom!  We were privileged to be able to partake in a novel feature of Geek Bar – the daily, hand-written menu crafted (and signed) by the house chefs.


Many of us indulged in the EH’s Biscuit Sammy, accompanied by mimosas.  We also couldn’t resist sampling one of Geek Bar’s signature brunch cocktails – the Breakfast at Grammee’s.


Our Brunchettes

We had 24 lovely ladies come out and join us for our inaugural Geek Girl Brunch in Chicago!


Cosplay was encouraged at the brunch.  We weren’t disappointed!  We had Buffy, Daria, and even Lydia Deetz complete with a Handbook for the Recently Deceased.  Perfect!


There were some familiar faces in the group who two of our officers had met previously at the Geek Girl Pen Pals brunch.  Also, a few of our attendees are girls who are currently planning the Chicago events for International Sailor Moon Day – coming up on August 15th!



Why do we bother to mention this?  Well, we’re going to be doing a Sailor Moon themed brunch on that very day!  Details are being finalized right now, but we should have some news up on our Facebook before the week’s end.

Our Officers


Remember when we mentioned encouraging cosplay?  Well, we couldn’t resist participating!  We decided to portray some of our favorite characters from Recess the Ashleys.  We also had to have a Spinelli, of course!


What’s Next?

Stay tuned for info about the upcoming Sailor Moon brunch as well as the rest of this year’s schedule.  We have some awesome things planned for our Chicago girls!  Remember, you can always get updates on what we’re doing through our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Until next time!

– Taylor, Ashley, Mercedes & Sarah –

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