GGBLA – Wondercon 2014 Brunch

GGBLA – Wondercon 2014 Brunch
Saturday, April 4th was not only was day two of Wondercon, but also was the date of the first ever Geek Girl Brunch for Los Angeles. A few weeks previous, we had decided to host our first brunch at Wondercon since many of our brunchettes would already be there. The theme, Everyday Cosplay, as most attendees cosplay at Wondercon.
The Tangerine Grill and Patio was a prime location as it was around the corner from the convention center. It was lovely to meet our brunchettes for the first time! We can sincerely say everyone showed up with a smile! A few of the cosplays were Black Widow, Doctor Who, and R2D2. Good bags filled with GGB postcards and Whovian keychains were distributed to the ladies. Chit chat ensued and quite a few laughs followed. It was nice to see everyone meeting and greeting.
The brunch ended with a few giveaways. Some items from GGB NYC as well as two tickets to Club Cosplay’s May the Force Be With Us! Sarah from the Con Shark wound up winning the tickets! We hope she has a fantastic time! We can’t wait till the next meeting! We are currently planning something awesome for the Los Angeles brunchettes!
Elle, Emily & Megan

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