GGB DC- Magical Girl Brunch

GGB DC- Magical Girl Brunch

Geek Prism Power, Make Up!

For DC’s third brunch, we didn’t question for long what we were going to do. From the second we all saw NYC’s brunch we knew that Magical Girls was at the top of our brunch list. With spring showing her lovely face, the weather finally warming up around the DMV and so Magical Girls seemed like a logical choice.


We knew our brunch restaurant was definitely a perfect fit from the moment we decided upon it. Zengo is an interesting combination of Latin and Asian styles and flavors. The brunch itself was a logical choice when we saw that it was BOTTOMLESS. Everything from the food that came out in droves to the mimosas kept in pitchers was ours for the taking.

The food came out almost in a tapas style and the servers buzzed around making sure our glasses were always filled with
whatever drink you decided to have in the moment. Dishes ranged from simple (but delicious!) sushi to decadent lobster and chipotle grits; there were even sweet dishes like little pancakes with a strawberry-guava sauce or plantains with crema fresca! The drinks were equally magical with four different mimosa flavors and even sake sangria just to name a few.

Cutie Wands for All!


Our swag this time around was once again an extra special event. Each brunchette was gifted a hand-crafted wand created by our own officer Samantha! In addition, each birthday girl was given a bead sprite broach created by Samantha as well. Sam is so hard working and the products she puts out are absolutely beautiful. She even thought ahead and brought extra glue just in case we had any mishaps! We’re so lucky to have our own resident “Craft Mama” on our team!

She’s Got Style, She’s Got Grace…

The geek girls did not disappoint when it came to style! We had everything from lovely sundresses to full on Lolita. The crowd favorite was definitely Sailor Moon, but there were little nods here and there to other favorites!

There were plenty of drinks, food, laughs, and excellent conversations about all fandoms had that day. It was awesome to hang out with and meet so many new and returning brunchettes and we are very pleased with how everything turned out. You might say, it was magical.

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