GGB DC- RPG Heroes Brunch

GGB DC- RPG Heroes Brunch

Suit up, and ship out heroes: It’s time for brunch!

After being delayed a month by old Mother Nature and her nasty habit of dropping snow this year, we were finally able to have our second brunch! We decided to go with the theme we had selected for February since we had already put so much time into it. Our theme of RPG Heroes also allowed for an excellent variety of characters to make an appearance. Anyone from Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy XII to any of the 718 would be an excellent choice for a guest appearance!

10923229_10152782409682816_3232195760093180575_nWe decided on DC’s amazing Thunder Burger & Bar to house our heroes this time around. With it’s almost castle like appearance inside and small tavern appearance outside, it seemed like the perfect choice for adventures. And how can you pass up a place called Thunder Burger?! The location of Thunder Burger is also a draw. The area is dotted with shops, restaurants, parks, and is not too far off from the Potomac River which helped to give us an excellent overall theme.

Staff was more than accommodating to give us a decently private space in the back. It was a rather cozy spot with huge plush booths dotted with pillows, giant dining tables, and “grass” growing out of the walls. Thunder Burger’s intimate setting gave us an excellent place to have a geeky get together.

10303461_10152782410672816_620382510343064549_nAfter a few good conversations, we decided it was time to chow down! With a name like Thunder Burger, you would expect us to have quite a few burgers on the table but there was a good variety. Some brunchettes opted for the more traditional brunch fare by getting a giant omelet; some got a delicious looking hash plate with a beautiful side of fruit.

11068229_10152782411267816_5081976200691561705_nDon’t assume we skipped out on burgers though! The popular choice was called the “Learning to Fly” burger which was a delicious turkey burger topped with chopped apples, swiss cheese, avocado, and a remoulade. Of course, we all had some sort of drink to accompany our meals. The popular choice of the day was the Thunder Burger’s fantastic bellini, but there was plenty of mojitos and the occasional beer around.

11070512_10152782411882816_4355856138256847217_nOur swag was rather special this time, as one of our officers put a lot of time and effort into making something for our brunchettes! Officer Samantha created some highly detailed bead sprites of different heroes for our heroines! Everything from adventuring necessities like swords or mana pots to actual mages were all popped into bags for our lovely ladies to take home. It’s amazing to see what talent we have within our community and we cannot wait to show you what else we have cooking up for other brunches!

The officers would like to again take the time to thank everyone who was a part of the day. Thank you to our brunchettes that made it out on a busy Sunday to geek out and thank you to Thunder Burger for giving us a safe and delicious place to do so!


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