GGB Kaiserslautern- Space Adventurer Brunch

GGB Kaiserslautern- Space Adventurer Brunch

Kaiserslautern’s second brunch was held on March 21st and our theme was Space Adventurer! It’s safe to say that almost all geek girls love space and sci-fi, so we wanted to celebrate our favorite Space Adventurers! We were thrilled to have so many new brunchettes attend.


We knew we picked the right restaurant because once we arrived the hostess greeted us with the Vulcan salute! Milanos is a huge restaurant which is great because we had a party of 16 which is usually difficult to find space for in restaurants in Germany.

Although they didn’t have mimosas some of us made up for it by drinking Macchiato Lattes with Bailey’s and champagne. Having brunch at an Italian restaurant is a great excuse to have delicious pizza for brunch.

Talking, laughter and new friendships were forged. That added to this memorable brunch.

Spacey Swag

For brunch, we got awesome items from some awesome vendors! The cutest 8-bit TARDIS hair clips from MadamFANDOM, check her out for all your 8-bit needs! Doctor Who fandom tea blends were found on Adagio UK (also blends on the U.S. site). Spacey Lollipop were thought up and customized for us by Leccare Lollipops, CadeauVert supplied us with awesome TARDIS bags, geeky lip balms from OneGeekTwoGeek, cute space buttons were from BigButtonBoy and the super cool Star Trek stickers were from BantamBB! The other awesome thing about brunch were having shirts made and giving them to the girls who ordered them. Check out all of these amazing shops for great goodies!

Sci-fi Style

The Ktown brunchettes arrived in sci-fi style! Our members celebrated their favorite Space Adventurers by cosplaying and flaunting geeky shirts and accessories. Some of the favorites were Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Fifth Element, Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Let there be more explorations in our future!

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