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Meet the St. Louis Metro Chapter Officers


   Hello fellow Geekette’s!  I‘m  Tiffany- a work from home wife, mother to furry children only, giant NERD, and Deadpool obsessed.  In my free time you can catch me knitting/crocheting, making homemade pasta, or buried nose deep in a book or Graphic Novel.  I love coffee, tea, and wine… not necessarily in that order, and absolutely love to cook.  I have an equally nerdy husband who I play World of Warcraft with, that also shares my love for cooking.  Oh, and I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Schitt’s Creek and ALL THINGS David Rose!  

Top Geeky: Stephen King, Deadpool, Supernatural, ALL things Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Schitt’s Creek, Assassin’s Creed, The Grishaverse, and The Darker Shades trilogy.

Brunch Drink: Boozy Coffee, Bloody Mary, or Mimosas 


Hi all!! I’m Wendy!! I am so happy I found this group last year! My first brunch was a Star Wars themed and it’s been all up hill from there! I’ve met so many amazing ladies!  In my free time you can find me being crafty, supporting the StL Blues/Cardinals, or sewing amazingly geeky things! I am big into Doctor Who, Star Wars, Golden Girls, The Office, Parks and Rec and so many more that it’s too long to list! I am looking forward to making more friends and spreading the joys of all things geeky and nerdy!!

Top Geeky: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Golden Girls, The Office, Parks and Rec, Supernatural, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and The IT Crowd.

Brunch Drink: Manhattan or a Moscow Mule


Hi!!!  My name is Erika.  I have always been the odd kid and it seems like I just grew into it.  I feel the most comfortable with like minded, fandom friends.  I am a baker by trade, though my ultimate dream job is to be a comic book artist or book illustrator.  In my free time you’ll catch me reading, watching old rom coms, or preparing for Halloween!


Top Geeky: Bill Nye, Reading Rainbow, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, Sailor Moon, Fanfics, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.

Brunch Drink: Amoretto Sour 

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