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Launch date: August 2015

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The Lubbock Officers


Bio: Noel might just be the most colorful person you’ll ever meet – and we’re not just talking personality! With her multicolored hair Captureand the ink that graces her skin (including the cutest-ever Christmas Groot and Pikachu), she sports quite the rainbow! She feels a kinship with utterly misunderstood villains (think Loki and Harley Quinn) and believes that when nothing seems right, one should go left! She can usually be found with a book in hand or playing some sort of game, whether tabletop, board, or video! She and her wife met through World of Warcraft over a decade ago and the two can still often be found in the wilds of Azeroth, slaying dragons together!

Geeky Top 10: World of Warcraft, The Sims, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, the Dark Hunters, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, all things Disney, and gaming of all varieties!

Brunch Drink: Cran-Orange Sparkle Punch


Bio: Growing up Jennifer was always a bit “different” but now she’s truly embraced her geek side! After doing the usual meet a boy, get married and have a couple kiddos, she did what unnamedany reasonable grown up would do and opened up a tabletop game store with her husband. So now her days are filled with dice, cards and miniatures and she couldn’t be happier. She loves teaching new players her favorite games and seeing the gaming community in Lubbock grow. When she’s not up at the game store or chasing after her crazy kids, you can find her doing volunteer work with a local convention, trying to catch up on her favorite comics or staying up way too late binge watching her favorite shows. She also loves anything crafty and creative and her favorite fandoms give her plenty of inspiration for craft projects, costumes and even cookies!

Geeky Top 10: Only 10?! Well I’ll try… Marvel, Star Wars, Pokemon, Doctor Who, LOTR, Firefly, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Aliens, Disney…

Brunch Drink: Cream and Sugar, with Coffee



Bio: Nancy is fairly new to the wonderful world of the geeky. She’s always be a little unusual but never had trouble finding a “friend” within the pages of a book or getting personally invested in the characters of a movie. But when one of her kids hated reading (due to dyslexia), her family embarked on a new journey of reading through a variety of graphic novels and hard work in school was rewarded with tickets to nearby comic conventions. And the trail down the geeky rabbit hole continues-volunteering at conventions, participating in geeky events with the family, and hanging out playing D&D with her new geek friends and their families. She has even been able to incorporate the various fandoms into the classes she teaches at all levels (college/university, K-12), and into her research into resiliency and human development. Everyday she is thankful that she took that first step into the geeky unknown.

Geeky Top 10: DICE!!!, D&D, Arcade video games, making cosplay, Vinyl POP, Stickers, Geeky TV (Firefly, Supernatural, teen superhero shows-think Flash, Supergirl, Smallville), almost anything SyFy, geeky movies especially Disney and classic monsters, and geeky tees

Brunch Drink: OJ…preferably with a boozy kick

FollowI’m technologically “challenged” so I don’t have IG, Twitter, The Snapper, or any of the other cool social media stuff. You’ll just have to catch me at brunch!

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