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The Chicago Officers


Origin Story:


Mercedes is a nerdy college student pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a marketing focus. Growing up she was obsessed with becoming a sailor scout and spent time wondering if Goku will ever defeat Vegeta. She is a huge Harry Potter fan and still dreams of marrying Draco Malfoy one day. She is a dancer and studying Lyra as another creative outlet (and an excuse to wear nerdy leggings).  When Mercedes is not reading comic books and trashy supernatural romance novels she also runs a lifestyle blog where she posts about her geeky life and events. You can often catch her at conventions in the Chicago land area. 

Geeky Top 10:  Harry Potter, Lotr, TMNT, Sailor Moon, Anime, Shelly Laurenston novels, Cosplay, Musicals, Disney,Fanfiction.

Brunch Drink: Peach Sangria

Anime Boyfriend: Hikaru and Karou- OHSHC


Ashley Tiara – *Scarlett*

Origin Story:

Ashley was born and raised on Earth (U.S.A, Chicago, IL). Always longing for adventure Ashley change her name to Scarlett and enlisted with the Alliance Navy. From there she trained and was class under Vanguard. She was given orders to service on the Alliance ship called the Normandy. Scarlett was under the command of Shepard for a few years. After the Reaper Invasion Scarlett finished her service with the AllianceAShley

Navy and returned back to earth to rebuild. She recovered many fandom items in the process, so people could still enjoy the geeky things in life. Now she builds model kits and shares her fandom whenever she can. She also attends many convention in and around the Chicago area cosplaying as her favorite characters. She is in love with owls and all things Sanrio.

Geeky Top 10: Mass Effect Trilogy, Star Wars, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Model kits, Cosplay, Nana, Black Milk Clothing, Concept Art, and much more.

Brunch Drink: RumChata Anything

Anime Boyfriend: Seto Kaiba


Taylor aka Tay Maria

Origin Story:

Tay was destined to become a geek from a young age.  One of her earliest memories was watching Star Wars on the livingTaylor room floor and deciding that she would marry Han Solo when she grew up.

From there it spiraled into reading Marvel comics, writing fanfiction, designing costumes of her favorite characters, and deciding that she wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist (much like Dana Scully).

Now, Tay works as an Event Planner for a company that does all things Doctor Who – even running conventions!  In addition, she has a Psychology degree, has studied Fashion Marketing, is an avid cosplayer, and has been published in books about fandoms from Doctor Who to Star Trek.  Tay is a proud resident of the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago.  She aspires to live a geek chic life everyday!

Geeky Top 10:  Doctor Who, weird history, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, X-Files, Marvel Comics, cosplay/geek styling, true crime, Parks and Recreation, writing (NaNo WriMo is like a holiday)

Brunch Drink: Grapefruit mimosa

Anime Boyfriend: Sebastian Michaelis


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