Horror Brunch – GGB Fort Collins

Horror Brunch – GGB Fort Collins

“The Power of Brunch Compels You!”

For our most recent brunch (I would tell you what number brunch this was for us, but I’ve frankly lost count), our ladies came together to celebrate Horror Movies! MUAHAHAHA!

For this brunch, officer Robyn specifically chose a restaurant that was built on top of a graveyard (no, really!). Robyn hosts ghosts tours in Fort Collins and was able to give us the inside scoop about all the bodies (and potentially ghosts) with whom we were celebrating brunch.

Our favors for this brunch included coupons to local witchy shop Medusa Gothic as well as super cute witchy stickers- thoughtfully donated just for this brunch! Thank you so much! Goody bags also included spooky pencils and notepads and an ooky-spooky charm.

After our ice breakers, officer Sarah led our attendees through a “Final Girl ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure’ Game”. Sarah spent hours carefully crafting this game. A typical horror movie scenario would be presented, and the brunchettes would need to choose between three different answers. One answer would give you 2 points, one answer would give you 1 point and one answer….would lead to your “death”. Answers ranged from “You choose to help set up the exuberantly clown-themed carnival maze. Be sure to use exclusively red balloons – that’s what Georgie said to use, anyway”, to, “You choose to welcome a boy named Damien to camp first. He has a neat birthmark, what is that? Three 6’s? Oh and he has a pet Rottweiler. That’s nice.” Sarah is very grateful to our brunchettes, who all said they enjoyed the game and found some new horror movies they were interested in watching. Sydney won the Final Girl game (how appropriate, right?) and she received Ghostface glitter earrings and Kill Bill socks!

After enjoying our brunch meals and enjoying a wonderful discussing about horror movies and everyone’s preference between the Addams Family and the Munsters, we drew a winner for our raffle prize – Rachael! Rachel won Freddy Krueger chopsticks and a POP figure of Jack Skellington. She very kindly donated her POP to another brunchette because she said she wins often and felt like sharing the love.

We had anyone in costume and any new attendees draw a prize from our grab bag and then took pictures of our wonderful group! Costumes included officer Gretchen as Elvira, officer Sarah as Rose the Hat and the ever iconic Mirelle as Freddy Kreuger – but make it glam!

Thank you again to all of our wonderful brunchettes! We love geeking out with you and we hope to see you again soon!

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