Holiday Brunch with Krampus

Holiday Brunch with Krampus

The Los Angeles chapter held our annual holiday brunch at the Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake in December 2021. It was a typically beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles. We sat in the tree-shaded patio to be on the safe side during these days of COVID.

After ordering our food we went around introducing ourselves and naming our favorite Christmas or holiday movie. There were a few of us who just couldn’t narrow it down to a single favorite. We had a favorite sub-genre of holiday movie such as holiday romances or the classic clay animation movies of the 1960s.


Each brunchette also brought a pair of geeky themed socks for a white elephant style sock exchange. We placed all of the packages in center of the table and drew numbers to take turns choosing a package. Apparently, we were all pretty happy with our selections, because no one traded for a different pair.

The food at the Red Lion was good, although one of our brunchettes waited a really long time to receive her potato pancakes. The Tavern was hosting their annual KrampusNacht party that night, and they were busy decorating. There was a small stage with a Krampus on it, and we have fun taking pictures in front of him. There was also a Christmas Village inside, and we spend quite a bit of time admiring it at the end of our brunch. Someone at the Red Lion had added something to the one of the village buildings, too. Can you spot it in one of the photos below?

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