Time to Get HuffleBUFF!

Time to Get HuffleBUFF!

Hello Brunchettes! It is 2021 and we are getting over our Pandemic hump with some fun fitness.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Don’t say it, ’cause I know I’m cute” -Lizzo

At 1:00PM on Sunday, March 14th (My favorite day of the year! Pi Day: 3.14!) the Geek Girls RDU reunited at A Step to Gold not to go dancing but to begin to bounce in a beginner level bungee class. Did you miss it, but really want to try it out? We will be hosting a part 2 in the near future. Please follow or join us on Facebook or Instagram to receive updates!

What did you miss? We posed, we laughed, we went towards the floor face first, and we did some soaring in the air. Some might say we flew even higher than Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, we enjoyed some responsible fun and movie watching on January 3rd. On that beautiful Sunday, we enjoyed a Socially Distanced 1980s Retro Brunch and Wonder Woman 1984 Screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Raleigh.

The first 6 brunchettes to answer these questions correctly got a free ticket:

1. Who is the original creator of Wonder Woman?

2. What was the creator of Wonder Woman also famous for creating?

3. In 1942 Wonder Woman was banned for not wearing enough clothing. True or False?

4. Before selecting Wonder Woman as the title, what what the name almost selected?

5. Who was Wonder Woman’s original nemesis?

6. Which Wonder Woman accessory was forged from the magic girdle of Aphrodite?

How many questions did you answer correctly? 😺

Have I missed anything else? Our last event in 2020, was an Ugly Sweater, Holiday Card “Photobooth,” Cookie Exchange, BYOPicnic Brunch.

The sun was out and it was almost too warm for an ugly sweater, but we came prepared! We left with full tummies and hearts.

As previously shared, please follow or join us on Facebook or Instagram to receive updates on all upcoming events! We can’t wait to see everyone in person soon!

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