Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville’s Memorial Day Meet Up

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville’s Memorial Day Meet Up

Gainesville’s May Meet Up

A substantial portion of the Gainesville chapter has been vaccinated, so we decided to have another casual outdoor brunch. Brunchettes gathered at 4th Ave Food Park, an outdoor venue that hosts classic local eateries.

Coffee and refreshers were procured at the Opus Airstream, and food was ordered at Satch Squared, a pizza joint specializing in Detroit-style pies and waffles. Breakfast pizza, waffle sandwiches and bacon were happily consumed.

Check out the bacon on that breakfast pizza!

There were new and familiar faces in attendance. A lot of discussion was on how much we all missed the GGB community and being social in general. With time, we can’t wait to get back to more frequent meet ups.

There is nothing like waffles in the morning.

Stay strong geek girls! We are in this together!

You can find more information on GGB Gainesville on Facebook and Instagram.

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