A Brunch to Die For…

A Brunch to Die For…

We were all guests at the niftiest dig this side of the city, Humble Pie Restaurant. Every one of us cool cats were lucky enough to snag a ticket to the biggest show in town. None other than the big shot Buddy S. 

It was 11 o’clock in the morning and everyone gathered around the table. As the brunch started, BANG, a gun shot echoed throughout the restaurant. As the waiter came up, Buddy went down! The doors slammed shut and now all of the brunchettes were suspects in this heinous bump off of such a wonderful gal. 

Was it for voot (money), was there a torpedo (hired thug) among us, or maybe just jealous skirt (women). Whoever it was, we didn’t want to be the one holding the bag!  

So we got a wiggle on to find out who killed Buddy!  Throughout the brunch we talked to the other suspects to see who they were and determined if they were the murderer. 

WHO dunnit? WHAT was the murder weapon? WHY did they kill Buddy? The best detectives won prizes but the rest of us still enjoyed our Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

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