GGB Glasgow: 80s Computer Game Brunch

We’ve got Pac-Man fever

It’s a fact: the 80s were amazing and we are slightly obsessed. The decade had the best music, the best TV shows, the best fashions and hairstyles (okay – that’s debateable) and definitely the best computer games.
We decided to theme our latest brunch around a celebration of pixels, pinball machines, Pac-Man, and all the games and platforms we loved then and still love now.

It’s-a brunch time!

Believe it or not, this teeny tiny arcade cabinet is full functional!

We decided to return to a favourite venue of ours: The 13th Note in Glasgow city centre. The food is great, the portions are massive, and it’s super affordable as well. Officer A had a massive portion of veggie nachos with mozzarella and Officer K had the veggie burger. So tasty!

The venue were also super accommodating about us filling the table up with all sorts of nerdy nonsense. Our most excellent spread included Nintendo badges, the Donkey Kong board game, and a mini arcade cabinet.

Let’s-a play!

The Glasgow brunchettes

Much nattering was had on the subject of how awesome the 80’s were and other nonsense that had nothing to do with computer games whatsoever. We discussed the merits of the newly rebooted Dangermouse and Duck Tales cartoons, and the awesome actors who provide the voices such as Alexander Armstrong, Stephen Fry and David Tennant. Somehow this led on to attempting to explain the plot of Garth Ennis’ comic series The Boys and why we were looking forward to the series on Amazon Prime. Obviously this was followed up with a debate on alternative food sources such as insects or the Impossible Burger (a plant-based burger that claims to both look and taste like a meat-based burger). Look – it all made perfect sense at the time, okay?

Oh yeah – R-CADE time!

R-CADE – Scotland’s first retro gaming arcade and café

After stuffing ourselves with food, some of the brunchettes rolled (slowly) round the corner to R-CADE, which bills itself as “the first retro gaming arcade and Japanese style café in Scotland”. Not only do they have a truly epic selection of games consoles, arcade cabinets and games from the past 5 decades, they also have an impressive selection of board games on offer. AND they sell snacks. Honestly, we were in geeky heaven.

The great thing about R-CADE is that you don’t pay per individual game or machine. You buy a pass for 30 minutes+ and then go nuts on as many games as you can muster. Between us we had a go on Pac-Man, Mario Kart and Pong, although if we’d been able to stay longer we probably could have played all day.

We were all SUPER jealous of this brunchette’s handbag

Mamma mia! Bye-bye!

For our next brunch we will be beaming down to a planet near you with a Star Trek theme. Until next time, live long and prosper!

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