Oh, It’s Only The Best Day Of The Year

Now that it’s been several years since the end of Parks & Recreation *and* we are surrounded by our favorite geeky ladies, the general consensus for February brunches is unanimously Galentine’s Day!!

Picking up on previous brunches I have attended, we decided that we would host a Secret Galentine Mega Brunch Extravaganza at a new brunching location, LuLu’s! After all our brunchettes signed up to join us, we pulled numbers out of a hat (I must thank my 5 year old for all of his help pulling perfect numbers!) to mix and match the ladies up! Each attendee had to post their top 3 fandoms, that way their secret galentine would know how to shop for them!

We gathered together at LuLu’s in Destin, Florida to celebrate all of the things we love about being geeky brunchers! The laughter, the mimosas, the debates, the FOOD; this brunch was a huge hit! Using my master list, we called each lady’s name and then their Galentine had to reveal themself to offer up their presents!

What a BLAST! We had the best time oooo-ing and aaaaah-ing over all the creative and beautiful gifts. There were hand stitched Star Trek pillows, The Office themed candles, decks of super hero cards, Outlander knitting tutorials, Harry Potter cookbooks, and so much more! Each gift was wonderfully thought out and fit the receivers perfectly!

Hanging out at LuLu’s, on the water, with some of the best geeky ladies I have met was an absolute pleasure. There were several new geekettes who had the chance to join us and we are so glad they did!

Future events for us include a Rocky Horror Picture Show brunch, a Lord of the Rings themed event, and a Jane Austen gathering!

Until next time – Officer Casey, LLAP

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