GGB Youngstown – April 90’s Brunch

GGB Youngstown – April 90’s Brunch

April 14th the Youngstown chapter had the pleasure of a pot-luck brunch at the Biker Brew House in Austintown, Ohio, where we celebrated the great 1990’s!

We were very lucky to be allowed to use the private events space in the upstairs above the bar. This was a cozy spot where we could listen to the gurgle of the beer vats brewing in the background! Everyone brought a dish, everything from pasta and meatballs, mac n’ cheese, and falafel, to cheesecake, cookies, and cupcakes. It was all delicious, and washed down well with ample glasses of beer from the bar!

We also got to have some fun looking at the amazing bikes that are sold in the Harley dealership which the bar attaches to, and were lucky enough for the owner to allow us an awesome photo op with the bikes!

As always, thank you to all those attended, and to our hosting venue for a great experience!

We settled in to brunch with a lot of discussion about our favourite memories from the 90’s; toys we grew up with, movies and shows we watched, the boy and girl bands we idolised. It was a lot of fun reminiscing, as for most of us this was our childhood decade.

Thanks to the quiet space and the relaxed atmosphere we got to really enjoy catching up and then indulging in the amazing food everyone provided. We were excited to meet our newest attendee, Alex, and she was thrilled to be finally able to get to know our regulars and the group (we think we convinced her we don’t bite, and that she should come again to a future brunch ;D)

Welcome Alex, we’re so glad you joined!

After ample chit-chat we did our, now usual, trivia! We had two rounds, everything from 90’s politics and events of the time, to pop culture. It was a lot of fun, stirring up yet more great memories, and challenging us to really track back to a time we were sporting butterfly clips, blue eye shadow, and neon leggings. Our two winners were Danamarie, and Brittany, who blew us away with their 1990’s knowledge!

All in all in was a great day. We had a blast spending time catching up, eating, drinking, and remembering what was a fun filled decade!

Thanks to all our officers who helped to set this up. Thank you to the venue Biker Brew House. And especially, thank you to all our members who make this such an amazing chapter to be a part of!

Our GGB Youngstown officers (left to right) Sam, Tracy, Aubrey, Heather, & Nikki

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