GGB Fort Collins – Blizzard Brunch

GGB Fort Collins – Blizzard Brunch

Blizzard Brunch – Moot House, Fort Collins

For our 18th (yes, 18th!) brunch, we celebrated Blizzard Games, idyllically in December so we could be a bit chilly.
Our ladies met at a Fort Collins staple, the Moot House, which graciously gave us a private dining area so we could enjoy our company without disturbing other patrons.


Officers Jakki and Manda were lead planners for this brunch! For favors, they made sure each lady received an Overwatch character sticker, a mana cake, a ring pop, a “happy fun rock”, a starcraft sticker, a loot chest, and an animal companion charm! Quite the haul!

As soon as all attendees had arrived, we broke the ice by introducing ourselves and discussing our favorite Blizzard characters. This is a fantastic way for us to learn more about our regulars and get to know new faces!

The raffle this time was a slip of paper that said “EPIC LOOT” on it, cleverly hidden within the loot chest of one of our girls’ goodie bags. The winner was Mandi, who went home with a Diablo POP figure, a clay hearthstone container, a Dva hairbow, Overwatch stickers, and more! Mandi came to visit our chapter all the way from Denver and we were thrilled that she could join us!

Mandi wins the raffle!

For our activity, we played a luck-based quest game, similar to the one we had played at our Video Game Brunch. Jakki worked very hard on the storyline for a World of Warcraft quest and we always love how much fun the girls have with our quest-style games!

Janelle persevered and managed to stay alive throughout the quest line, granting her some of her own epic loot. Janelle received a painted hearthstone, Overwatch magnets, an ICC Card Game, Zerg earrings, a Tracer hairbow, a Heroes of the Storm mug, and a Mei hairpiece! The Murloc headpiece is her own.

Janelle wins the activity!

As always, we let the ladies who dressed up or cosplayed pull a prize from our prize bag and announced our next theme: Nickelodeon!

Thank you again to all the amazing women that make up our community. We love you and we look forward to growing together!

~Sarah, Jakki & Liz

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