GGBNN Table-top Gaming Brunch

GGBNN Table-top Gaming Brunch

Our gal’s were excited about March brunch being Table Top Gaming themed. With a spring in our step we hopped on over to the Clubhouse again for more food and fun! It was a gorgeous sunny 64 degree day!

Check out that spread!

Back by popular demand were Kelly’s mom’s deviled eggs, and Officer Jennifer tempted our tastebuds with the gastronomic marvel mini sliders called the Fluffy Elvis and the Monte Cristo. The Fluffy Elvis features peanut butter, fluff, banana and bacon. The Monte Cristo was composed of ham,turkey,swiss, and a buttered top bun dusted with powdered sugar and optional grape jelly!

Along with themselves, the brunchettes brought a few table top games to introduce everyone to. After nomming, we set up all the games and each brunchette gave a brief “how to play” explanation, after which, a round of Exploding Kittens ensued. That’s a card game y’all. No kittens were harmed during this brunch. Some of the other brunchettes gathered around another table and played an impromptu game of Dice Forge.

Among the other games the other ladies brought along included favorites such as Boss Monster, Roll for it, Pass the Pigs, and Mysterium.

In keeping with our brunch theme, some fun and exciting items were donated as raffle items! These items included a Fantastic Beasts puzzle, A 3-D Empire State Building coin puzzle, gamer icon nail decals from Espionage Cosmetics. Nerdy Post also donated a wicked cool D&D character builder book called The Legend of me.

It is always a joy to get together and share our favorite things, and to spend time together. We were lucky enough to be able to welcome another new brunchette this month! Welcome Casey to the group! We are glad to have you in our weird and wacky fold and to be able to share brunch! Everyone’s favorite four legged Max also made his appearance!

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