The Emerald Coast Celebrates the Wondrous Ross Poldark

The Emerald Coast Celebrates the Wondrous Ross Poldark

Have we mentioned in the past how much we love Ross Poldark and all the shenanigans he gets himself into?! Well, just in case you didn’t hear us the first time…WE ARE A CHAPTER RUN BY OUR LOVE OF POLDARK!!!

Ok, ok, ok. His shenanigans aren’t exactly hilarious and his life is about as far from perfect as you can get, but we love him anyway! If you have not had the chance to read or watch the Poldark series, this chapter highly recommends doing so! The stories are filled with strong men, their incredible wives, their loves and losses, sneaky jerks who make Umbridge seem cute, and breathtaking scenery!

When we found out one of our founding members was moving away, we decided to throw a Poldark themed brunch in her honor, since the only place she’d rather be is Nampara! (We miss you already, Mandie!)

We met at our go-to brunch location of Taste Tapas for our November get together. Twelve of our brunchettes gathered to talk about Poldark, the upcoming holidays (dang, I’m writing this post late), and all the other geekery happening in our lives.

With the magic of screenshots, vinyl, and a cutting machine, our swag for this brunch was the iconic silhouette of Ross himself! We also had a very generous brunchette donate beautiful charm necklaces to all the ladies in attendance.

After all this gabbing, I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank my mother. A few years ago, when the second series of Poldark first aired, I was spending time at my mom’s house while my husband was on a work trip. She convinced me to watch just one episode of this Masterpiece production. Well, let me tell you, one episode was all it took to get me hooked! She and I then read all 12 books, watched the show, and called each other after the episodes delighted to share this wonderful story between us.
I then had the chance to spread the love within my chapter of GGB and THEY soon were hooked! The greatest thing was that my mother, we’ll call her the matriarch of our chapter’s Poldark Passion, had a chance to join us for our Poldark themed brunch!

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