#GGBNOLA4! Krewes & Kingdoms

#GGBNOLA4! Krewes & Kingdoms

2019 has already gotten to a great start as GGBNOLA celebrated our FOURTH ANNIVERSARY (#GGBNOLA4)! We consider it a great honor that we get to bring geekiness, games, and glamour to the magnificent ladies in The Crescent City for another year. Our members are definitely worth all the magical effort that goes into making each Comic Con, movie night, and of course, brunch, special.

Taking such magic into consideration was why we decided to bring our first brunch of the year to the Happiest Place on Earth: DISNEY!  Paying homage to the beginning of the Mardi Gras Season, “Krewes & Kingdoms” brought home the wonderful world of our classic Disney faves, as well as the new flavors of Marvel and Star Wars.

Krewes & Kingdoms was a spectacular success, filled with many firsts! Orchestrated by our newest officer, Kai, we rolled to the cozy and chic Broad St. Cider (@broadstcider) for our first catered brunch! Pairing up with the fantastic chef Rob of Joie de Vie NOLA ( @joie_de_vie_at_nola) for our scrumptious eats, January 27th was filled with Disney sing-a-longs, movie memories, trivia, and raffle prizes.

Brunchettes received our Anniversary tote bags and our 2019 swag: coffee mugs!

Our Brunchettes competed for prizes by playing Disney Kahoot as well as dressed in their best Disney gear and costumes ( see our member Sara as the cutest Little Mermaid!). The cider and chicken & waffle combo was delicious as we sang our best versions of “ Be Prepared”, “ Be Our Guest” , and “ Mother Knows Best.”

Krewes& Kingdoms capped off fun trivia and costuming with our raffle, where we gave away 4 Tickets to our city’s new convention, Big Easy Con (@bigeasycon)!  Our Brunchettes are so grateful that such a con was able to not only donate tickets, but to also give us our own promo code for members to buy tickets. Brunchettes also won Disney swag from Hot Topic, as well as took home our  exclusive Anniversary swag and our new custom swag: tote bags and coffee mugs!

Brunchette Sara wins Little Mermaid Lipstick for Best costume!

So as Mickey wanders past 90 and GGBNOLA turns 4, you don’t want to miss what all else we dream up in 2019! Wanna check us out? Follow us at @ggbnola on Twitter and @geekgirlbrunchnola on Instagram.

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