Murder Mystery Brunch – GGB Youngstown

Murder Mystery Brunch – GGB Youngstown

GGB Youngstown Starts the Year with a Bang!

We decided there was no better way to bring in the new year than with encouraging our members to get in character and hunt out the killer in our midst~ Our officer Heather found a brilliant murder mystery available online called the Sour Grapes of Wrath, fit for six or more players. The mystery is set on a farm, within beautiful vineyards, so with a wine theme in mind we picked out a local winery called Diletto’s, which recently moved into a new location in Boardman, Ohio, for our brunch on Saturday January 12th.

We had 12 members in attendance, and split the group, running the game at two separate tables, to let everyone have more interaction with the mystery. Heather and Sam brought along a few small props for each of the characters, which included Vikki D’Adly, with her tabloid magazines and cheap jewlery; Enrique Graves, the farmhand with his tools; Dr. Chelsea Barren, the reporter, note pad in hand; Norman D’Adly, the binoculared birdwatcher; Michael Nightshade, cellphone and smart tie a must; and Kathryn Lawless, the tweedy librarian with her books.

With each player set up with a couple of props to help them get into character, we also gave some encouragement to them with a small prize at each table for whoever ended up being the one to guess the killer, the weapon, and the motive. The prize included a wine glass, a lip-balm shaped like a wine bottle, a charm for their glass, and a pair of socks which read ‘if you can read this bring me my wine’. All appropriately wine related!

We also had additional wine glass charms as a little gift for each player, which Heather painstakingly put together, and were absolutely beautiful.

Tables decorated, props laid out, wine obtained, the game was afoot! The first round was focused on introducing ourselves based on the information in the character packets, learning who we already knew, and how we were related to the deceased. Then each round provided clues and information which helped lead us toward who the killer was, and why they off’d the lady of the house. (We won’t reveal too much detail just in case you’re considering using this game yourselves, it’s worth it!)

It took about two hours to complete, and ended with each player guessing who they though ‘dunnit’, with what, and why. There were some great guesses, some clues leading us astray. Each table had one pretty close guess though and our two prize winners were Kristy and Anna! Congrats guys, you were our best detectives!

We had one new member join us this brunch, and Danielle actually came in as a close runner up, so snagged herself a lip-balm and wine charm too!

We’re really glad you joined us Danielle, we hope to see you at more events in the future! She went home not only with her little mini prize, but with her welcome gift which we put together for all new members: a GGB Ytown mug, pin, and planner stickers.

We can safely say the Sour Grapes of Wrath was worth giving a go, it was fun, had everyone in stitches as they played out their characters, and left us all scratching our brains trying to piece the clues together. We had a fun time, Diletto’s was great, giving us loads of space, and providing some great wines to try out as we played. A slightly different brunch to what we’ve done in the past, but it went over really well with the members, and has left us with some great ideas for future events.

Thank you to everyone who came to share the afternoon with us! We have such a great group of members, and it just keeps getting better!

Thank you also to Heather and Sam, the two officers who were in attendance, they did a great job of helping to keep each table running smoothly, narrating the mystery as it progressed.

Again, we couldn’t be the chapter we are without our members, thank you to all who attended. For those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you at a brunch soon.

Our February theme is going to be a crafting brunch where we have set up a polymer clay class with a local business. This will be a little out of the norm from our typical brunches, but we think you’ll enjoy getting your hands messy~

Hope to see you there!

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