GGB Reno’s “Christmas at Hogwarts” Brunch

GGB Reno’s “Christmas at Hogwarts” Brunch

The Reno Geek Girls gathered at Black Bear Diner for the annual white elephant gift exchange where everyone channeled their inner Hufflepuff and kept the “stealing” of gifts to a minimum!

In order to stay on track with a record attendance of 17 (woohoo!), the introductions were kept brief with each brunchette sharing their favorite thing about Harry Potter then deciding to STEAL or REVEAL!

#1 – Chelsea loves everything about Harry Potter and considers Molly Weasley her mom goal! As the first person to go and therefore not having the choice to steal, she will have a chance to steal at the end of the round. Stay tuned!
#2 – Elizabeth grew up reading and found the characters to be relatable.
#3 – Abney, too, loves everything about Harry Potter. She chokes up when characters bravely face challenges. Which happens quite a lot throughout the series.
#4 – Harry Potter was the first book that Kayla read on her own!
#5 – Julie thinks world domination sounds like a lot of fun.
#6 – Angela‘s favorite part was when Harry started talking in ALL CAPS in Book 5 because he was ANGRY.
#7 – Anziac was sorted into Slytherin (fitting, since she was the first brunchette opting to steal!) even though she thought for sure she’d be a Gryffindor. Harry Potter was the first book her dad bought her and has a special place in her heart.
#8 – Kim is a first time brunchette and her favorite character is Hermione because she was the first character that normalized reading in the library during lunch!
#9 – Kate says Fantastic Beasts is one of her favorite parts of Harry Potter, which makes sense since she likes mythical animals.
#10 – Janet also lists Fantastic Beasts as her favorite as well as any and all scenes featuring food in the movies!
#11 – Liz‘s first language is Spanish and Harry Potter is the first she read and understood in English.
#12 – Amy has always been a reader but Harry Potter was the first series that her friends wanted to talk about.
#13 – Danielle, who dressed up as Bellatrix for our October Cosplay Brunch, is actually a Ravenclaw! She liked that the series showed the characters’ growth.
#14 – M’Lisa is also a Ravenclaw and names Luna Lovegood as her favorite.
#15 – Talia likes the transformation shown in the series.
#16 – While visiting her dad in Scotland, Lindsey‘s aunt read her the first book and it is one of her favorite memories.
#17 – Janet (double Janets!) says there is just so much to love about the series!

Chelsea took some time to survey the gifts available for stealing at the end and channeled her Slytherin side eyeing Lindsey’s awesome handmade Harry Potter stationery made by first-time brunchette Kim before staying true to her Hufflepuff colors and declining to steal.

Though Vanessa wasn’t able to join us in person, she still participated in spirit by giving her gift to Angela, who brought it to the brunch. The last unopened gift was declared hers and she got…UNSTABLE UNICORNS!

Our next brunch is Justice League *cough* Jason Momoa *cough* January and will be our first DC brunch! Hope to see you there!

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