GGB San Antonio’s October Goth Murder Mystery Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s October Goth Murder Mystery Brunch!

October brought our Brunchettes together for a very unique gathering. Hosted by one of our members, Carolyn, Goth Murder Mystery Brunch was a great success! It was a real treat to be hosted by Carolyn (AKA Madame Mayor White), which she has done in the past. The house was decorated in spooky decor, setting the stage for a memorable reunion.

All girls were emailed details about what character they would play, and suggestions on what to wear, but little else. Upon entering the house, guests were ushered into a room to receive instructions about the character they would play. Everyone had a name tag, some coins (to be used later in the game), and a few pre-game activities to get the ball rolling while we waited for everyone to arrive.

An area was set up to get everyone’s picture as they came in and then they were ushered towards the kitchen to sample some of the dishes that were prepared by other guests. Our officer, Maggie, did a fantastic job coming up with clever(and sometimes creepy) name tags for the pot luck items.

When everyone had arrived, and drinks were in hand, the first phase of the mystery game began. All girls stayed in character, tried to learn about each other, and slowly the details of some underhanded goings on came to light, including fraud, shady business practices, and blackmail! There had been a murder in town and a second, suspicious, death. All our players were trying to figure out who’d done it and signs were starting to point towards one character and then – a scream!

The main suspect was suddenly dead!

Everyone was given new information pertaining to their characters and we were given instructions to try and get to the bottom of things. We all had things we could share and things we had to keep to ourselves, and so the speculation began!

Accusations started flying! Fingers were pointed!

  It was even revealed that Miss Black (played by Officer Mel above)  had confessed to murder – but  she wasn’t the one behind the death at the dinner party.

Below is the lineup of the prime suspects: 

Clues were given and alibis were shared, and in the end, the cleverest of Brunchettes revealed the murderer – and came away with first choice in door prize:

We had other prizes as well – below are our lovely winners!

The murderess was revealed and the brunch came to a close with everyone having had enjoyed herself. The most ironic part, however, was that the mobsters in attendance had nothing to do with the shady happenings in town. Imagine that!

Join us next time for a magical time – November’s theme is Harry Potter! (Hooray!)

More pictures of this event can be found on our Facebook page. Be sure and check out our albums for photos of our previous events!

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