Wahoo for the Magic School Bus Brunch

Wahoo for the Magic School Bus Brunch

In August, 18 geeky ladies from the GGB StL Metro chapter came together to show their love of The Magic School Bus in the Delmar Loop of St. Louis.  Miss Frizzle inspired outfits were in abundance, though sadly we did not get to take one of Miss Frizzle’s amazing field trips or hear her yell “Seatbelts everyone!”

Blueberry Hill

This month’s brunch took place at the iconic Blueberry Hill in St. Louis.  They opened in 1972 in hopes of being a welcoming environment focused on music, pop culture memorabilia, and great food and beer.  Not only do they have a jukebox that they rotate over 30,000 records through, but they have the Elvis and Duck rooms where they host live concert venues.  This was pioneered when Chuck Berry took interest in what Blueberry Hill was trying to become, and not only did he help plan and create these rooms, he played over 200 live shows there!

It also goes without saying that the pop culture memorabilia collection is one for the books.  Every well is covered and showcases a wide variety of pieces that have been collected over the years that include pieces from Star Wars, The Simpsons, Howdy Doody, Elvis, Pac Man, Toy Story, and so much more!  If you’re more into the muse aspect of it, the piano room features old music magazine covers and the owner’s personal wall of fame collection of photos he’s taken with bands and musicians over the year!  Great food, unique atmosphere, great drinks, and perfect service, not to mention the gooey butter cake that was to die for and fabulous coffee.

Exclusive Swag

Our amazing little chapter received probably the best swag donation ever, and it was soooo hard to keep it a secret until brunch! Shiro Cosmetics, who makes some of the best nerd makeup around, created an exclusive lippie just for our Magic School Bus Brunch that Miss Frizzle would be proud of.  It was a fabulous shade of purple that looked great on literally everyone.  Like the Sisterhood of the traveling lippie or something!  Not only did it include an adorable Miss Frizzle photo, but it also had one of her famous quotes: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy,” and was stamped GGB StL just for us. It was swoon worthy for sure and we couldn’t thank Shiro enough!  We also were able to raffle off 4 more mystery T’s from a Threadless donation.

Relaxing Saturday

There’s no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than in the company of like-minded women!  We spent the afternoon discussing some of our favorite geeky topics (The Magic School Bus included), coloring, and simply enjoying each other’s company. We had fantastic service and were commended for what we do to bring women together, which always puts a smile on our faces.

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