Superheroes of the Emerald Coast

Superheroes of the Emerald Coast

superheroesOur Superhero Brunch was one to remember in this past May. The Emerald Coast brunchettes definitely enjoyed the theme… Who wouldn’t love a Superhero themed brunch?! We had an awesome Raven fan girl dress up and even dyed her hair purple to play the part! Some ladies wore t-shirts symbolizing some favorite characters such as Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, and of course Batman… just to name a few.superheroes

We raffled off awesome pins, necklaces, magnets and other goodies of all different fandoms. There were so many goodies to raffle off that everyone got a prize to take home! Thanks to those who donated the raffle items.

Many enjoyed Bottomless Mimosas at Angler’s Beachside Grill on Okaloosa Island, which is one of the things we always look for! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy some mimosas?! The food was delicious as well!

Heated discussions arose about the differences between the Marvel and DC universes.  There were also some debates between the cinematic versions or the comic book version of characters!   It was exciting to meet some new brunchettes as well, one who is super into comics so this was a perfect first brunch for her!superheroes

Lots of the geeks were super excited to discuss Infinity Wars as it had just came out, while others hadn’t seen it yet and had to ask that there would be no spoilers!

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to two of our Geek Girls who were moving… We’ll miss you Jill and Charmaine!

Everyone was very excited when we drew the theme for our next brunch which was Disney! This landed perfectly for when we wanted to go take our donations to the Ronald McDonald House Charity from our Do Better Event! Make sure to check out our next blog on that brunch!

superheroesI‘ll leave you with the wise words of Wonder Woman as they are also fitting for the next brunch… “It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.”

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