GGB Philly – Hamilton’s Philadelphia

GGB Philly – Hamilton’s Philadelphia

Our brunchettes in Philadelphia were in the room where it happened this past Sunday, July 15, as GGB Philly hosted a Hamilton-themed brunch. Fans of Hamilton: An American Musical—and history itself—were also in for a special treat as the brunch was followed by our own private walking tour!

Don’t Tread on Me

We raised our glasses at Revolution House, in historic Old City, greeted by a Union Flag settee and “UNITE, and DINE” mosaic floor.

Each brunchette was treated to a special name tag and Hamilton swag bag, including custom Hamilton coasters & postcards, Schuyler sister stickers, patriotic erasers, a 3-D printed Hamilton logo block, and our walking tour map brochure. In lieu of our usual raffle tickets, each brunchette signed her

Looking for some swag at work! (Work!)

“John Hancock” with a feather pen to place their name in a pewter cup. Our lucky winners received their choice of the following prizes: a Hamilton coin purse, “Rise Up!” necklace, one of 2 bracelets by Kitsch and Crossbones (a fellow GGB brunchette!), a gift card to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s TeeRico webstore, or a hardcover copy of Hamilton: the Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter.

For the next two hours, we wined and dined with Revolution House’s delicious breakfasts and themed cocktails (with names like, “The Whites of Their Eyes” and “Washington’s Crossing”), despite the summer storm raging outside—and occasionally inside—the enclosed roof deck where we were seated. Fortunately, the weather cleared just in time for our newest officer, Robin, to lead us on a walking tour of sites where the real-life Alexander Hamilton and other personages lived and worked, including the Hamilton family’s homes in Philly, the Treasury Offices, First Bank of the U.S., Carpenter’s Hall, Congress Hall, Independence Hall (of course!), and the President’s House, where the original cabinet battles would have taken place.

We ended with a stop at the Franklin Fountain for hand-drawn sodas and scoops of Crème de Lafayette ice-cream. Overall, a very memorable and fun brunch for all!

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