Previously on “GGB Berlin Brunch Events”

Previously on “GGB Berlin Brunch Events”

Long time no blog post. So a lot to catch up with.

After a short break during the winter we restarted with a couple of new ideas. For various reasons we changed our pace and opted for a regular brunch date.  As a small group it also seemed nicer to gather in a more comfortable way. So now, each last sunday of the month we meet at a different members place. This is also a very nice way to regularly check out fellow geek girls libraries and fan collections.

The first couple of meet ups were without special themes. We wanted to give our new members the opportunity to get to know each other without having to focus on one particular topic.


Our April Brunch then finally had a theme. “GAMES”.

April Brunch 2018 Games

Everyone brought¬† favorite boardgames and we ended up with a load of awesome stuff. We decided for the party variation and played a classic. The game “Nilpferd auf der Achterbahn”/ “Roller Coaster Hippo” recently had its 30th birthday! Hilarious and easy to play.





May Brunch was all about “Favorit books”.

May Brunch 2018 Favorite Books

As we all know this is a tough one. We all had difficulties to just pick a few rather then to fill a truck and carry them all to our brunch location. That would have been a sight to behold. At the end we all came up with some of our most loved reads. But there will be a follow up for we have plenty more favorites and just one brunch is not long enough for talking about them all.




June Brunch we got an “Escape Room Experience”

June Brunch Escape Room Experience


At our April Brunch some came with pretty awesome Escape Games. We decided to make a whole brunch about one of the games, for it needs a bit more preparation and time. This month our group was rather small so an ideal constellation for the “Murder Mystery”. We spent a lovely sunday chasing the bad guys and fortunately two of us where more experienced or we might have ended up having dinner together as well.











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