Birthday Bash Brunch: GGB StL Turned 3!!

Birthday Bash Brunch: GGB StL Turned 3!!

GGB StL is 3

June was a VERY special month for GGB St. Louis Metro.  We have officially turned 3 and we threw a birthday bash!!! 3 whole years of brunches with amazing ladies!  Ladies that share a common interest of geekdom, food, and mimosas.  We’ve celebrated our love of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Middle Earth, Marvel and DC, Books, Sherlock, and so much more over these last 3 years.  We’ve also held a number of Do Better events supporting local women’s shelters, animal shelters, foster care centers, our local VA, the Little Bit Foundation, Debate Mate, and so much more.  At the foundation of the geekdom celebrations and the Do Better events that we have held, we’ve come together once a month, connected on various social media accounts, we meet up for side events, and built lasting friendships with others who understand us and our deep love for the geeky community!  This is why our June brunch event was to celebrate the founding of Geek Girl Brunch St. Louis Metro!  We threw our very own birthday party, potluck style, in the geekiest place we could think of… a comic book store by the name of Star Clipper!

Star Clipper

  Star Clipper is a premier comic book sanctuary that is part of the local Fantasy Comics chain.   They focus on uncommon gifts, zines, manga, pop culture collectibles, apparel, and a wide variety of graphic novels.  They also host many gaming events including D&D and Magic.  Not only do they carry all the major players like DC, Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse, but they also have one of the largest selections of independent and local comic writers in the whole St. Louis area.  This makes them a perfect host for our geeky ladies.  Not into comics, graphic novels, or manga?  That’s ok too!  Star Clipper has a HUGE selection of Funko Pop figures, board games, action figures, mugs, glasses, and so much more.  They host events constantly for writers, artists, games, and new releases, and overall are just worth popping into to check out!

Potlucks are the Best

What do we do when we hold brunch in a place that doesn’t serve food?  We bring our own of course, Mimosas included!  One thing that GGB ladies know is good food, and good food was definitely present for our brunch!  Our ladies showed up with dishes like lumpia, buffalo chicken dip, fruit & veggie trays, cheeseburger meatballs with fry sauce, layered taco dip, mostaccholi, scones, chocolate lasagna, Oreo cake balls, cupcakes, and of course… Mimosas!!!  All of the food was amazing, and where there’s good food, there are great conversations!  Our GGB ladies definitely came with some amazing dishes!

Swag Galore

  A birthday brunch would not be complete without birthday presents, right?  Our officers were able to make some adorable brunch coasters, gather up amazing nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics, and various shades of translucent powders from Besame cosmetics. Espionage Cosmetics is a company ran by women that prides itself on their nerdiness. They have a wide variety of nerd manicures in both geeky fandoms and in science.  We are OBSESSED!!!  Besame is a cosmetic company that makes amazing makeup and includes an Agent Carter line, a Snow White line, and a Marvel Infinity Stones line.  To be able to give each of our ladies a piece of these companies was awesome.

On top of the candy-filled swag bags, we were also able to once again raffle off 3 t-shirts from a stash that was donated to us by Threadless, a Gamora Funko Pop, and a $15 Gift Card for Star Clippers, both provided by Star Clipper.  Needless to say, we had some very HAPPY ladies!!! After brunch, mimosas, and swag, our ladies got to do some shopping!  It was a great Sunday for sure!!!

Clues for July’s brunch are being released 1 by 1, and our reveal should be up by the time this blog is posted.  We can’t wait to see your excitement when you see what our next theme will be, and we can’t wait to see what kind of swag we can come up with for next month! <3

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