High Tea with GGB Baltimore

High Tea with GGB Baltimore

High Tea with Geek Girl Brunch Baltimore!

For the month of April, GGB Baltimore went totally British by adventuring to the fairly new Emma’s Tea Spot on Harford Road. It was a tea party and your date was a blind one with a book. It was one of the first beautiful spring days after fighting with Sprinter and the ladies came out in force with dresses to match.

It wasn’t your typical restaurant that we usually brunch, but they were super accommodating of our group, our biggest one in a long time! Once we were all seated after we placed our tea orders, that’s when the real fun began. One by one the individual pots of tea came out and each had their own home made knitted tea cozy and it each and every one of them was adorable.

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While we drank our tea (pinkies out of course), conversation actually stayed on topic for once and we talked about books, our favorite books, genres of books and of course seeing our favorite books turned into movies. Once we were full of tea and delicious scones, salads and sandwiches we had our book exchange.


Like when we were younger, it was almost like a merry go round while we passed around books with our eyes closed. After two rounds, the books that were wrapped were unwrapped and if needed, the ladies exchanged books if they were unable to read a certain genre.

Over all it was a very successful brunch and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in May! For May we are changing up our location a little bit and are heading out to Columbia to Ale House Columbia for our Marvelous Marvel in May, and it will be Marvel themed! Be sure to RSVP, e-vites have already been sent out. We will all be able to laugh and cry about Infinity War and Deadpool together.high

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