Happy Anniversary GGB Baltimore!

Happy Anniversary GGB Baltimore!

It was that time of the year again, no not Halloween, it was the Anniversary of GGB Baltimore!! As tradition tells us all, the ladies of GGB made their way again to Golden West Cafe, just up the street from the beloved Cafe Hon. It was a small group that showed this month, but as Stitch says As always, The Golden West was nothing less than phenomenal.

This year, they had a special menu filled with nothing but fall themed drinks and food, and as this officer can attest to, tis the season for pumpkin spice everything. From pumpkin curry to pumpkin waffles, you name it they had it, and of course…pumpkin spice lattes. Despite the small group, the discussions were deep.

We started with a new series coming to Netflix, about a single poc mom raising her son, who just so happens to have superpowers. Come to find out it was a one issue comic as well, so if you can’t wait, be sure to go check that out! Then of course, shipping came up and by an overwhelming amount we all have our own armadas when it comes to the subject. And 90s anime, all of us reflecting on the early days on the internet and how hard it was to find our ships and how ‘these darn kids today’ have it so easy when it comes to reading material and how much times have changed in regards to fandom and how open people are now with their ships and their love for them.

Of course, this month’s meet up had to end up with a sweet treat down the street that The Charmery.


And so ends another yearly meet up for GGB Baltimore. We may be small, but we are still trucking along each month and love meeting up with all you lovely ladies each and every month. Be sure to join us next month for our semi-Thor-some brunch theme of Mythology at Myth and Moonshine, see you November 19th at 11:00am!

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