GGB Fort Collins – Stranger Things Brunch

GGB Fort Collins – Stranger Things Brunch

Just in time for Halloween, GGB Fort Collins celebrated Stranger Things at our 12th brunch!

“She’s our friend and she’s crazy!”

GGB Fort Collins – Stranger Things Brunch

We convened at Urban Egg over the first weekend in October. There was some heart break over the lack of waffles – and that a local waffle eatery would not accept our reservation – but Urban Egg proved a tasty alternative. When we arrived and began hanging our decor, some worried locals at a nearby table asked us about the missing child, which we had to politely explain was a fictional boy from a TV show produced by Netflix, and the theme of our brunch. They took photos of the ‘Missing’ posters so that they could remember it, but it was a silly moment for us.

No, miss. This child isn’t actually missing. Please don’t send this to your friends to see if they know him.

We were thrilled to welcome some more new members at this brunch and we can’t wait to see them again in the future. We broke the ice by introducing ourselves and talking about our favorite character(s) from Stranger Things.  This prompted some excellent conversation about various characters, including the less appreciated Benny (#JusticeForBenny).
And since we are a very cosplay-friendly brunch, several ladies dressed up for the event!

For our favors, the ladies received a Christmas Light magnet (donated by FanMail), 011 tattoos (donated by FanMail), some adorable Stranger Things stickers, a D20, a pinback button and a bicycle charm.

Our favors

Our first activity was D&D Style Adventure set in Hawkins, IN. Each lady would roll her D20 and see if her roll was enough to make it through the Upside Down. The last girl standing won an Upside Down Necklace – Dakota! We spent much time and care writing out the adventure and the link to it can be found here: D&D Roll Results.

Dakota Wins the D&D Game!

Our second activity was inspired by that ancient game we all played in junior high, ‘Two Truths and a Lie,’ but our version was ‘Friends Don’t Lie.’ We found 3 quotes for several different characters in Stranger Things – two quotes would be authentically spoken by the character and one quote would be incorrectly attributed to that person. The ladies had to guess which quote was incorrect. And the winner was Katie, who won custom waffle earrings from SuperNovaDesigns on Esty.

After our activities and eating our delicious breakfast, we announced our upcoming combined brunch with GGB Denver: Studio Ghibli, and our next solo brunch: Doctor Who! We then drew the raffle, an art print of Eleven from Erik Hodson Illustrations, won by Brianna!

Thank you again to our beautiful ladies of GGB Fort Collins for making our little community extremely welcoming and kind. We love all of you and we can’t wait to see you again at our next brunch.

Much love,

Allison, Jakki & Sarah
GGB Fort Collins

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