GGB Pittsburgh’s Lord of the Rings Brunch

GGB Pittsburgh’s Lord of the Rings Brunch

We have been a chapter for two full years, and somehow we JUST got to celebrating the majesty that is the Lord of the Rings and Orlando Bloom’s blond wig. This September we went to the incredible Urban Tap in Shadyside for their amazing brunch buffet. We cannot stress enough how excellent Urban Tap is. Not only did they offer us their private party room, work with us on customizing a menu for food allergies, and offer some of the most amazing service on the day of, but they were just so nice and responsive through every step of the planning. A massive thank you to John, Eric, and every staff member at Urban Tap! We could not recommend them enough!

Thanks, Eric, for taking this picture!!

It was so nice to finally have a LoTR brunch because most of us grew up very influenced by the books and/or movies. We swapped stories about midnight premieres, long shut-in weekends reading, and wearing the soundtrack out from being over-played. Much like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings brings a warm fuzzy feeling to many Brunchettes. There are so many strong female characters that we all were inspired by as little kids, fighting side-by-side with the male characters. It’s so nice to have Wonder Woman writ large for girls today, but for many of us, Arwen and Eowyn were our Wonder Women.

But we didn’t just chat about the inexpressible nostalgic value that the Lord of the Rings brought us and generations of geeky ladies who came before us. We also talked about other weird and nerdy things, like how useless mosquitos are to our ecosystem. Seriously, they only spread disease and cause us to itch, why aren’t we destroying them? And when two of our Brunchettes went off on a long conversation in German, we were mesmerized! We also got to swoon over the custom-made LoTR hoodie sewn from scratch by one of our members.

Fun goodies we raffled off included LoTR themed bookmarks donated by a Brunchette, handmade headbands adorned with the inscription on the One Ring (also donated by a Brunchette), jewelry, a beautiful copy of The Hobbit, a coloring book, and more. We also got our Geek Girl Brunch Pittsburgh t-shirts in and passed them around to the ladies who ordered them! They’re so cute and sooo comfy!

In August we also had one of our most successful book club meetings. Lots of ladies showed up and we had a blast laughing about the horrible (and not so horrible) romance novels we read the previous month. While our Yearning Yinzers book club has been primarily a romance book club since we started it a year ago, but we’ve decided to include more genres in order to mix it up and welcome more members who might not be terribly interested in romance. For September we are reading two incredible books, one romance one mystery, sci-fi, comedy, paranormal mash-up. If you’re looking for a fun book club you are more than welcome!

Some of the biggest events we’ve ever done as a group are coming up this fall, including a jam-packed October (appropriately themed “Horror”) that will include a mini horror-film fest at Pittsburgh’s Hollywood Theatre and a party to end all parties for Geeksgiving in November. Hold onto your hats, because GGB PGH is starting its third year of right!

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