GGB Miami: The Magicians

GGB Miami: The Magicians

Who doesn’t love a good tut? For August’s themed brunch we chose Syfy’s, The Magicians. If you haven’t been able to get around to checking The Magicians out, you really should! Syfy confirmed renewal for their third season to start in 2018, so you have time to catch up. It’s based on a series of novels by Lev Grossman.  If you’ve read the novels and thought it lacked luster, trust us, watch the tv series on Syfy. It’s amazing!

This event was uncapped and hosted potluck/picnic style. We ventured into our own little piece of Fillory at The Barnacle Historic State Park, a 5-acre park in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami. Situated on the shore of Biscayne Bay, it offered us a little reprieve from the sweltering Miami summer heat. In order to get to the picnic area, we had to hike a bit through a beautiful forest trail that was magical and reminiscent of what we imagine Fillory to be. It truly was the perfect spot for our The Magicians brunch.

We had an incredible assortment of food and drinks! Brunchettes in character; Queen Alice, a few Margo and Julia’s and our very own Elliot! We had a Tarot card reading station and a few mind-blowing readings took place! As this brunch was uncapped, we did not sell tickets for swag bag items, but were gratefully given donations by various brunch members and were able to raffle many items and give everyone a little welcome gift consisting of a Fillory map with travel button, instructions on Tasseorgrphy (the art of tea leaf reading) along with tea bag, an Our Lady Underground sacred card, and Ember’s little cakes for everyone!

As the state park closed early we made plans for everyone to move the festivities over to Taurus Beer and Whiskey House.  The fun and drinks continued to flow late into the night. Every brunch we have in Miami is always enjoyable and we are so thankful for the community we have brought together.

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