GGB Cleveland: Saturday Morning Cartoons

GGB Cleveland: Saturday Morning Cartoons

This month’s brunch theme was Saturday Morning Cartoons and was held at Side Quest, a popular bar / geek hangout in Cleveland.  They just started serving brunch there, so we were pretty excited to try it. They had cute names like: Omelettus’s Prime, Proton, and Go Go Gadget Eggs. For drinks, I saw someone drinking their Black Moon, Apricot Bellini, and either a Bloody Mary or Maria.

Proton with bacon

Every one of our attendees received a handmade coaster with their favorite cartoon theme. Officer Amanda and GGBC member Cassie made them for our brunch.

GGBC Coasters for our attendees.

We announced out new Officer’s – Britteny and Katrina to everyone at brunch. They helped raffle off swag for us.

GGBC New Officers Britteny and Katrina raffling off swag.
GGBC – Swag table
GGBC Swag Winner





Officer Katrina found coloring pages for people to do while waiting for our food to arrive. We had a trivia contest planned, but unfortunately, it was too loud in there. So, it had to be scrapped.

GGBC Member Chandra coloring at Saturday Morning Cartoon Brunch

In addition to the coloring pages, there were various board games available for us to play. We saw some of our members use them while we were there.

Also this month, we started a GGBC Do Better campaign where we are accepting donations to help the hurricane victims in the South. The donation from our members will enable them to be entered into a free raffle to win a ‘get in brunch free’ card.  They can use this towards any brunch in the future.

Our Unofficial Movie Outing was Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan. Three of our members were in attendance for that event. It was a bit hard to get people to come, because it was during the week.

Our Book Club will be at the end of this month. And, from what we have heard, people seem to like the graph novel that was chosen – “Nimona” By Noelle Stevenson.

Stay tuned next month, where we will have our Murder Mystery themed brunch held at a real haunted restaurant!


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