GGB San Antonio’s June Star Trek

GGB San Antonio’s June Star Trek

For June 2017, we put out the call to all of our girls that the word of the day was Star Trek, in all and every form, and they Made It So!

Our brunch location for this month was a brand new location for us (arare and wonderful turn of event!) called The Flying Saucer. The Flying Saucer is lauded as being a beautiful little chain taproom offering 200+ global beers and a pub fare in a tavern surrounding. All of which our girl were ready to boldy explore like no one had ever explored before!

(Okay, okay, so maybe many people have, but it was impossible to resist!)

The Flying Saucer marked out an area just for us and we had a delightful time filling up those spaces, and trying the best of their drinks and fare. Our girls continued their amazing trend of showing up in the best of the best shirts and accessories for the day, showing off their endless love for this 50+ year franchise.


Our coloring sheets of the day were of the gorgeous ship of dreams, of course, for who could ever forget or replaced her in their hearts once they had met her.

During the middle of our lunch our group of girls for this brunch were lead in a rousing discussion by Officer Holli about the most important moments in Star Trek that each of the girls had experienced. It was a wonderful time to get to see what moved everyone and stuck with everyone. To chant names, and laugh, and have your breath catch with the girl next to you while an emotional story was related (both about the characters in the show and about how our lives in emotional times were made better through contact with Star Trek, too).

As is the trend with this year’s GGB group, our raffled table was a thing of amazement and beauty:

Figures, plushes, movies, books, and more!

And, of course, our winners with their awesome raffle wins:


* More photo’s can be found in GGB SATX June’s Whedonverse Album

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