GGB Fairfield – Lumberjanes Apple Pick

GGB Fairfield – Lumberjanes Apple Pick

It was a humid, overcast Sunday, but that did not stop the girls of Geek Girl Brunch Fairfield from suiting up in our flannel and hitting the orchard for our Lumberjane Apple Pick at Beardsley Cider Mill in Shelton, CT.  To kick off the brunch festivities, we introduced ourselves and stood in a circle while we recited the Lumberjanes Oath.  We were ready to create our own day at Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types.

The beautiful Lumberjanes

With our plastic bags and dreams of making delicious apple treats, we hit the orchard.  We spent a while looking for apples that didn’t look rotten and terrible, before most of us realized we were being too “picky” (get it? Pungeon Master Badge, please!). It took us some time to have the realization that we were cooking these apples up anyway, so it didn’t matter what they looked like as long as spiders didn’t crawl out of them (which did happen at one point).  We were able to settle on apples that weren’t the prettiest, but they were still tasty and would work perfectly to make all the apple baked goods.  We also managed to complain very little about how hot out it was for mid-September.

After our bags were overflowing with apples, we hit up the store at the orchard where we stocked up on goodies, like apple cider, salsa, jelly, and, most importantly, cider doughnuts!  By the way, the doughnuts were top notch. 

Sulk Pile

Officers Rhiannon and Jamie also took a few minutes to lay on the ground and sulk about the fact that a new Animal Crossing game was not announced during Nintendo Direct earlier in the week.  But really, WHAT THE JOAN JETT?!?
From there, we all grabbed some lunch at Archie Moore’s to fuel up on some burgers, fries, and buffalo wings.  Some of the ladies gushed over their love of football, discussed comic books and great places to find them in the area, and chatted about upcoming geeky fandom events and media, such as the new Lore tv show based on the podcast many of our brunchettes listen to.  With our stomachs full and baking on the horizon, we finished up our Lumberjanes themed day.

We may not have found the Holy Kitten this time, but we definitely celebrated some friendship to the max!


Rhiannon ruining the landscape.

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