GGB Austin – Crazy Cat Lady Brunch

GGB Austin – Crazy Cat Lady Brunch

Did you know that Austin has a cat cafe? Well, we do and it is awesome!  Funded by Kickstarter, Blue Cat Cafe offers yummy treats and cute cats to cuddle with. The perfect place to host our GGB Austin’s Crazy Cat Lady Brunch.

How it works. You pay a small fee to enter the cafe ( the costs goes to feed and care for the cats). All the cats are adoptable. There is a vegan food truck outside that offers food and coffee. You can play with the cats til your hearts content! The cats were pretty chill and even had an outdoor enclosure where they can enjoy the fresh air.

It was a very laid back brunch for sure. Sipping coffee and snacking on treats whilst a plethora of cats ran around and played was very soothing. Some cats wanted to play while others would rather sleep, but they were all adorable!

We had a great time talking about our cats (duh) and watching the kitties run around. The cats could be found in every nook and cranny. It was adorable! There were 15 cats in the cafe, and they have had as many as 40! They also do events in the cafe, such as cat yoga.

Big thanks to Out of Print clothing for sending us these lovely leggings to give to our brunchettes. Star Wars cookie cutters and other goodies rounded out the swag bag. We had some new members join us this  month, along with returning brunchettes. By the end of the brunch, the consensus seemed to be that we would all return to the cafe and bring our friends.

cat lady

Thanks for everyone who joined us at brunch. If your in Austin then check out Blue Cat Cafe. GGB Austin is taking a break for July, but will be back in August for our annual Sailor Moon Day brunch! Follow us on FB and Twitter for updates.

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