GGB Fort Collins – Beauties and the Brunch!

GGB Fort Collins – Beauties and the Brunch!

♪♫ Be. Our. Guest. Be our guest. Put our service to the test. ♫♪

GGB Fort Collins Disney Brunchettes!

This Disney themed brunch was hosted by brunchettes Brianna and Dakota, as officers Sarah and Jakki were busy with major life events. Sarah and Jakki are eternally grateful for these two ladies and their support and willingness to help – we love you both!

We decided to go back to Café Vino for this brunch. We were lucky enough to get seated in private area so we could sing our favorite Disney songs without disturbing other guests. Perhaps since we had been here before, they knew that we would need our own space. We had a few new ladies for this brunch so we all introduced ourselves and explained our favorite Disney villain. Several of our lovely ladies also dressed up as characters or wore their Disney themed gear. A few even “Disneybounded,” which Jakki (being completely unfamiliar with Disney, but enthusiastic about brunch) had never heard of, but now loves.

Brunch Activities!
Brianna Leading an Activity








Our favors for this brunch were fantastic! We had spinning wheel charms, Disney stickers, Mickey Mouse ear straws, and glass tea light holders that each had a different Disney themed design on them. Brianna hand-etched all of the glasses in her sparse free time. She is a very talented crafter! We love how dedicated she is.

Brunch Favors!

We had two activities for this brunch: Disney trivia and a “Name That Song” game. The trivia ranged from challenging to basic, so that everyone could participate. Molly won the trivia game and was gifted with a Funko Pop! figurine of Princess Tiana. For our “Name That Song” game, we played roughly 10 second clips of songs from Disney movies. Some of the ladies’ knowledge on these songs was instant! Officer Sarah won that game and received a pixie dust necklace.

Molly won a Funko Pop!
Sarah won the Pixie Dust necklace!







Our raffle prize, a rose necklace from Beauty and the Beast, was won by Allison. Allison is our newest officer, which came to fruition shortly after this brunch. Congratulations, Allison, and welcome aboard!

Allison won the Beauty & the Beast necklace!

At the end, one of our servers was nice enough to take a picture of all of our brunchettes. It should also be noted here that our main server was fantastic. He was interested in what we were doing, very engaged, and he remembered all of our orders and was very accommodating. A+!

Dakota as Jane from Return to Neverland
Cassie as Jane from Tarzan
Sarah as Daisy Duck
Jakki as the Horned King from Black Cauldron
Erica as Joy from Inside Out
Brunch Family!

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets let behind or forgotten.”

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