GGB Leeds: The Leeds Geek Girl Birthday Bash

GGB Leeds: The Leeds Geek Girl Birthday Bash

Whilst planning our first event of the spring, it dawned on us that the Leeds Chapter of Geek Girl Brunch was now a year old! The time has just flown by, and my, my, how we had grown! Naturally, we had to celebrate this momentous occasion with a party.

Bill’s, the restaurant where we had held our first ever brunch, gladly welcomed us back – the perfect choice for our birthday celebration. Our tables were peppered with various party favours including hats, superhero masks, party poppers and noise makers. Naturally, we used all of these items in a manner befitting mature adults. (Well, mostly. Sort of.)

Guests were invited to bring small presents to exchange with one another. Items given and received included badges, books, mugs, and – as witnessed by several green eyes around the room – a much sought-after Chip cup, following the recent release of the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. Local stores had been selling out of them within moments of opening, so getting hold of one can’t have been an easy feat for our considerate¬†Brunchette!

In addition to presents, we also had little party bags that were swamped with merch. These were kindly put together by one of our Brunchettes, who runs her own geek-themed business, Retro Geek Chic. We thank her for her generosity, and wish to state once again that her treats were much appreciated by all.


After we’d finished our tasty plates of pancake stacks, cooked Full English breakfasts, topped toast and various other delectables, we concluded our celebration with the traditional sing-song of “Happy Birthday” and a caterpillar cake – the staple of our childhood birthday parties. Then, as is our tradition, we went for a wander around the geeky shops of Leeds.

Many happy returns, Leeds Brunchettes! Let’s hope we see many more birthdays!


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