GGB San Antonio: Early Summer 2016 Recap

GGB San Antonio: Early Summer 2016 Recap

Early Summer was a busy time for the San Antonio Geek Girl Brunch Chapter!

May 2016: May is for Marvel

May saw San Antonio, in general, under a flood of pouring rain and so GGB San Antonio turned its sights on an indoor Marvel Themed enjoyment of seeing Avengers: Civil War together. We all braved the torrents of wind and walls of water and managed to fight our way up epic escalators to band together!

The movie was a rousing success, held at the Park North Alamo Draft House, where all the girls could order food and drinks (even Civil War theme’d drinks!), as well getting to enjoy a special clip show of all things Avengers the Draft House puts together before its show. We laughed and gasped and cried right along with our closest geek girls.

There were small but enjoyed grab bags,

We held a small four-person raffle before the end.

early summer

June 2016: Percy Jackson’s Greeks vs. Romans

With all the heat it was time to cool off! What better way than a bunch of grown woman shooting each other with water guns and balloons! Your cast of stunning young Roman & Greecian half-goddesses who heard the call and signed up for our June challenge:


Setting up a neutral battleground at San Pedro Springs Park, Officer Ilana held down the fort while our esteemed photographer took pictures of first us picking teams and then pretending to come up with a plan to shoot one another.

There were even some highlights of our soon-to-be weapons (including a rare, random and glorious Gishwhes appearance)!

With an even number of six brunchettes, we drew out of a bag to determine teams. You can’t pick your godly parent after all. Purple armbands went to those representing the roman Camp Jupiter and orange armbands went to those of the greek Camp Half-Blood.

With teams assembled and picnic complete it was time to battle! Keeping with the theme of capture-the-flag from the books, there was a purple and orange ribbon on opposing trees and a large field in between. Teams met in the middle and at the starting “bell” we ran to our respective trees before turning and firing our watery weapons.


The teams were tied in points, and Camp Jupiter was in the middle of forming a new battle tactic when Camp Half-Blood rushed in! After that we all sat and shot water balloons as far as possible with the slingshot, many breaking in our hands, proving the devices ineptness during battle.

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