GGB San Antonio: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and Elevensies

GGB San Antonio: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and Elevensies

For our first brunch of 2017, Geek Girl Brunch San Antonio returned to fangirl favorite Ajuua – Mexican Bar and Grill of the amazing brunch buffet and the endless six-flavor mimosas! There we gathered in a grand Fellowship to partake of and celebrate Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and Elevensies, with the theme of — you guessed it, didn’t you! — Lord of the Rings.

There were coloring pages of fan-favorite Arwen on the table for everyone to find at their seat when they arrived, as well as our monthly grab bags. This month we were treated to gifts of our very own “One Ring” on silver or black silk cords and two types of “Lembas Bread” that were homemade by our own dedicated kitchen-Elves.

The activity for the day was going around the circle of our two long tables and talking most about what the girls each loved about the books and movies. These stories ranged from being hilarious, to passionately defending, to even one long rant about a character someone hated (but still had everyone in tears of laughter the whole way through the telling of it). Several girls lamenting there was no way to have a single favorite character, especially when the relationships of such different forged in this “Fellowship” were the thing that cemented their love. We had laughing and hugging lovers of the Silmarillion finding soul-sisters they never knew they had.

The raffle table was amazing. A feat the girls of San Antonio having been blowing out of the water since the fall of 2016, and our tables into 2017 are only showing signs of getting better and better as new girls get in on it.

Books and jewelry and accessories, precious!

Here are shots of all our lovely ladies who won each of our raffle prizes and what they got to go home with!



More pictures in our January Album Here.

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