GGB Pittsburgh’s Be Our Guest Brunch

GGB Pittsburgh’s Be Our Guest Brunch

Like most ladies this spring, the GGB Pittsburgh crew were able to relive our childhoods with the exciting theater release of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie. And of course, we had to celebrate. It goes without saying that as an extra outing in March we hit the theaters to see the movie in 3D. Afterward, we convened at the closest Eat ‘n’ Park (Smiley cookie, anyone?) to talk all about it! No one denied crying, especially when we saw Belle walk into that glorious library. How can you not get emotional amidst such glory? Most of us who love Beauty and the Beast are in it for the books.

Eat ‘n’ Park post movie!

Our official brunch was at the Waffles Incaffeinated location in Wexford. You can find other Waffles Inc. locations in Beaver and the South Side. The menu is packed with creative and fun waffle dishes, and the plating is beautiful, especially considering that it was breakfast. Some of their most exciting dishes are twists on classics, like bananas foster, chicken and waffles, and sausage and gravy. The service was wonderful, and the space was inviting! As Brunchettes poured in, the staff made quick work of adding on tables to our group and making sure we got to sit near each other.

We continued to see more new faces this month, as more Brunchettes were able to join us for the first time. Our numbers have grown so quickly that we are able to meet new ladies every month, and that is a wonderful Geek Girl Brunch perk. And while conversation was clearly focused on Disney and our favorites (Mulan got many shoutouts), we couldn’t help geeking out about other topics as well. It became clear to us that we might need to have a true crime brunch soon based on the enthusiasm over the My Favorite Murder podcast.

The big treat for our March brunch was a wonderful donation from the Geeky Refinery, a shop that specializes in geeky (and not so geeky) jewelry and goodies. The shop donated beautiful and unique Disney themed necklaces for every Brunchette in attendance! The long-chain necklaces had adorable charm pendants representing the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Brave, Aladdin, and more. These necklaces are wearable, elegant, and full of geek pride, as is everything created by the Geeky Refinery. We were so grateful for the donated swag, and we encourage everyone to check out their Facebook page and Instagram (@thegeekyrefinery).

We are continually reminded of how much our community supports us, and March was no exception. Not only were we treated to Geek Refinery’s lovely necklaces, but the ToonSeum reached out to us to donate two VIP tickets for their SciFi event happening in April. This package would have cost a pretty penny for anyone interested, so the fact that the ToonSeum offered them to us for free was such an incredible gesture. We took the opportunity to raffle them off to one of our members and were excited to give her such an experience.

April promises to be an exciting month for us. To kick it off, we will be tabling at Tekko Con, Pittsburgh’s Japanese pop-culture convention. Tekko has been growing in popularity and is just one of many amazing cons we have in our area. Conventions are a great way to reach lots of like-minded women and female-identifying people and introduce them to GGB PGH. We’ll then be celebrating a favorite of ours: Joss Whedon! Thank you to Waffles INC., the Geeky Refinery, the ToonSeum, all our amazing Brunchettes, GGB HQ, and of course the city of Pittsburgh.

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