GGB Fresno: Guardians of the Galaxy Brunch

GGB Fresno: Guardians of the Galaxy Brunch

Our favorite “bunch of a-holes” returned this month for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so we succumbed to Star-Lord’s pelvic sorcery and themed our brunch after the ragtag group of galactic saviors. We met up with our brunchettes at Cheesecake Factory and passed out Marvel themed postcards donated by FanMail, a bi-monthly subscription service for lady geeks that offers boxes filled with assorted geeky goodies. Thank you, FanMail!

Our ladies caught up with each over pancakes, French toast, strawberry lemonade, sangria, and other yummy brunch foods and drinks. We passed out swag to each of our members – the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack and colorful galaxy fudge bars made by myself and our designated photographer, Jazmin. You can find the recipe here.

Next up, we raffled off some Guardians prizes – a Gamora Pop!, a plush baby Groot, a magnet, and an adorable felt Awesome Mix brooch made by Courtney L. Check out her Etsy shop, NerdyBirdieCrafts, for more cute handmade items! We also raffled a couple items from a FanMail box Tiana ordered – a Guardians bath bomb, a Daredevil notebook, and Captain America notecards. Congrats to all of our winners – Courtney L, Melissa, Tiffani, Candace, Adriana, Amy G., and Michelle L.!

At the conclusion of our brunch, we informed everyone that we’ve decided to participate in this year’s GISHWHES event. Also known as the “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen,” GISHWHES was founded by Supernatural’s Misha Collins. We feel it’ll be a great opportunity to have some fun with our group while doing something good for the less fortunate. Visit for more info.!

Many thanks to our brunchettes for joining us at our Guardians of the Galaxy brunch. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for info on our next meetup!

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