GGB San Antonio: 2016 Fall Recap

GGB San Antonio: 2016 Fall Recap

Fall: Another busy brunching season for GGBSATX!

October 2016: Tabletop Games & Rennaissance

October stole in Geek Girl Brunch San Antonio with an excited air as all our ladies were invited to attend a special brunch at Knightwatch Games, a new gaming and Renaissance clothing store being open and run by one of our very own ladies!

KnightWatch, run by Brenda is set up, especially, to have a focus on Lady Gamers and them feeling comfortable and safe as such there. When you walk in, you’ll often find the ratio is 50/50 and that any complaint about mistreatment of a Lady Gamer will be met with a swift warning to the persons involved. There are even Ladies Knights were only women are invited to come and game together with each other!

The morning of brunch dawn sunny and lovely, with our ladies dressed up to the nines (both arriving in garb and some who wore garb from Knightwatch itself!). Those who did were even invited by the owners to do a photo shoots in the themed gaming rooms for the owners of the establishment to have on their main web page, which they said we could use the copies of in our own write-up as well.

Look at those amazing girls, living up the life!

Knights Watch being about every kind of game that can be gamed, there are shelves of board games and cards games bracketing long walls of the store, open and ready for anyone to play at any time, without charge. All of our girls got in on the amazing selection of games with a will and want toward winning (or, okay, even just a great game with some great girlfriends)!

We, also, had our wonderful grab bag assortment (pearl bead dice, domino clips, money pouches and money) and a small raffle, so that everyone went home with something new and amazing of their own to remember this special day for us!

November: New Harry Potter Canons

November brought with it a wealth of all new things Harry Potter! There were the three newly released novellas (Short Stories from Hogwarts: Of Power, Politics, and Pesky Poltergeists ; Short Stories from Hogwarts: Of Heroism, Hardship, and Dangerous Hobbies ; Hogwarts: An (In)Complete and (Un)Reliable Guide), the sequel play and its script book (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), as well as the Fantastic Beasts script book and movie.

With this plethora of more and more and more in our beloved Potter World we couldn’t help but dedicated another day to everything new we’d learned!

We found ourselves back at the Lion & The Rose, our delightful British Pub we frequent through the year, but the American Ilvermorney’s among us didn’t seem to take it askance and noshed down on all the amazing drinks and eats that were offered will all the vim and vigor they could muster up to the occasion.

As a big surprise, The Lion & The Rose let us set up a colorful sign for our girls as they walked into the building to find our room in the back. We started, as always, with coloring sheets on the table for our girls (starring our very own, new boy,  Newt Scamander) and grab bags, this time mysteriously labeled with the name of their new school AND? —  A brand new wand! 


There was a roundtable discussion of newly discovered house sortings from Ilvermorny, and the patronuses from the quizzes opened on Pottermore. There was a rousing game of trivia based by brunch tables (with the best of hilarious team names!), testing our knowledge on all sorts of magical and mystical mythological beasts. It all came down to a four-way tie and some drastic death stop card trivia even based on the original books.

(Can you name all the original members of The Order of the Phoenix off the top of your head, too?)

Our two end winners:

More pictures of the November 2016 – New Harry Potter Brunch Here

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