GGB Fresno: Be Our Guests

GGB Fresno: Be Our Guests

Be our Guests!

Spring is often thought of the season of new beginnings.  For the Geek Girls of Fresno, it meant a new Beauty and the Beast film and many new members.  Disney’s much anticipated live action adaptation of Belle and her Beast brought about a major response to our March brunch.  With 32 attendees, it would be our largest meet up to date.

guestsguestsWe gathered at the Piazza Del Pane Italian Café for their buffet style brunch.  There were many options including fresh omelets, French toast, pancakes, country potatoes, too many desserts, bottomless mimosas, and, most importantly, fresh tacos.  We had 3 large tables where our members easily conversed with one another.  With the addition of so many new members, we had plenty to discuss: movies, shows, and games we love, our favorite Disney movies and what we looked forward to the most about this Beauty and the Beast.  Many of us donned our favorite Disney couture.

guestsOne of our lovely ladies, Adriana, surprised us with some beautiful, handmade, bookmark sets for the group.  As usual, Julie provided some handmade gems for each attendee: Disney themed clothespins and Minnie Mouse Munch. After a couple hours of good food and conversation, we raffled off a Gaston (my favorite) Pop and a Belle postcard Julie found on her last Disneyland adventure.  After our all-you-can-eat meals settled a bit and we polished off the rest of our mimosas, a much smaller group of us headed to the theater for the movie.  It was packed and we barely squeaked in as the show sold out!  A few girls ended up catching the next show.  As we left the theater we discussed our thoughts.  For the most part, we were very pleased.  The film was beautifully made and well executed.  Personally, I was very happy with Gaston’s performance.  That Sunday was a success.


Julie and I are very grateful to have developed such a diverse group of wonderful women. With our rapid growth, we will be making adjustments in hope to maximize opportunities for this expansion.  We are looking forward to being able to provide some upgraded raffle prizes and reaching out to more Geek Girls within our community.  Special thanks to all who joined us.  We appreciate you!


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