Ovaries Before Brovaries Brunch – GGB Baton Rouge

Ovaries Before Brovaries Brunch – GGB Baton Rouge

As Valentine’s Day was fast approaching we knew we had to ‘Treat Yo Self’ and have a Galentine’s Day Brunch, which we called the “Ovaries Before Brovaries” Brunch. We strayed from the traditional brunch time and met at 7pm at Louie’s Café in Baton Rouge near the LSU campus. In the week leading up to our ‘brunch’ there were constant Leslie Knope quotes to go around.brovaries

 We took a page out of Leslie Knope’s binder and had waffles. The food was good and the service fantastic. Our server was excited that we offered up our bowl full of conversation M&M’s every time she visited the table (we wrapped up the remaining M&M’s and left them for her to enjoy).

There were ‘ice breaker’ questions that we laughed over. We shared bad dates (nose bleeds on first dates), weird dates, tattoo ideas (dinosaurs and words of significance), dream jobs (we all agreed that travel blogger or food blogger was our #1 choice; preferably a travel food blogger).

While Louie’s doesn’t serve any ‘adult beverages’ it didn’t stop us from  using our ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ stir sticks to sweeten our iced tea or coffee.


We finished our night out by making small valentines for ourselves and friends that couldn’t make it. I mean who wouldn’t want a valentine that has a unicorn sticker or amazing puns or, even better, a mini unicorn.brovaries

As the evening progressed we started to trickle out to get to jobs, dogs, husbands, or just had a long drive home. We can all agree that it’s always going to be friends, waffles, then work…or waffles, friends, then work. It doesn’t matter the order as long as work comes last. We were so excited to grub on food and spend time with each other that we completely forgot to snap any pictures while we were there. (All pictures are from Officer Jessica’s home)

brovaries(I apologize for the gross background, we are still rebuilding from the flood.)

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